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Learn about the winning strategies of the best online bookmakers

Bonuses of different kinds and other incentives to attract new players are common practice in the online gambling market. And this winning strategy has also been implemented in the Spanish-speaking market. Sports betting, as well as the bettors and players, stand to gain a lot from it.

Although a new regulation has been in force in Spain since May 2021 that prohibits this type of incentive, it is still legal and widely used in other Latin American countries. Here at casinos-apuestas.com we will tell you how the main incentives work and how they are used by the best bookmakers in the main Latin American countries, such as Peru, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Panama and Mexico.

In addition, if you are in Spain, you only need to be registered for at least 30 days and have verified your identity to access many of these bonuses. Many of these incentives are also aimed at building loyalty with existing customers or adding a little more fun to the overall betting experience. So, if you’re a betting enthusiast, read on to find out how to get the most out of them.


Sports betting no deposit bonuses

Sports betting is on the rise in the Hispanic market and already has very little to envy to the overall betting in other world markets. The rapid expansion has been the result of applying proven strategies to attract new customers. Among these, the use of the no deposit bonus is undoubtedly one of the most successful.


What is a no deposit bonus?

A no deposit bonus is an amount of money that the best online bookmakers offer to their website subscribers in exchange for certain actions. The most commonly used is the no deposit welcome bonus which is offered to new subscribers in exchange for them signing up and providing their contact email and without having to pay any amount of money in return.


In addition to this, each bookmaker sets conditions of use. They also set requirements for cashing out winnings in case the subscriber wins on their bet when using the bonus. For other bettors who have already placed online betting on your site, no-deposit bonuses may also be offered as a method of trying to build loyalty, reward, or incentivise them. In these cases, however, it is not used as a welcome bonus, but is given a different purpose.


Online gambling bonuses

Betting bonuses also consist of amounts of money that the best online bookmakers give to their customers. These types of bonuses do require the customer to contribute an amount of money from their own pocket as well. It is common for them to consist of doubling or tripling the amount of the bet or the amount of money deposited into your account on the bookmaker’s website.


It is also often used as a welcome bonus for new customers and to try to encourage them to complete their first deposit. However, it should be noted that bookmakers set very strict requirements to be able to cash out these bonuses. They are also very strict in order to cash out winnings from bets placed with these bonuses. Most commonly, they require proof of identity, certain payment methods, and some limits on the type of bets.


Free bets or freebets

Free bets consist of the bookmaker depositing a specific amount of money that depends solely on the bookmaker’s decision. It is not necessary for the customer to deposit any amount of money as is the case with bonuses. Nor is it necessary to perform any action as in the case of no deposit bonuses. The aim is to motivate the punter to bet on the site. However, although it is free, if the customer wins the bet, the house deducts the amount given to the customer to place the bet.

The total bets

The total bets arose out of the need for bettors to place simpler overall bets. This type of betting consists of the bookmaker proposing a certain result for the final score. That figure is a total and takes into account the goals scored by each of the teams. With this information, bettors can predict whether the result will be below or above the proposed result. Whoever guesses correctly wins the bet.


Example: If in certain football betting the bookmaker proposes that the final score will be 5 goals totaling the goals scored by both teams, then bettors can bet that the final score will be under or over 5 goals. If someone bets under 5 goals and that ends up being the final score, then the bettor will have won and will be able to collect his prize.


Football betting

There is no doubt that the development of football has been a major factor in the growth of the sports betting world. The sport has teams, leagues and tournaments in almost every country. European league matches generate interest all over the world with their Champions League, Copa del Rey and similar tournaments. The local leagues in Latin American countries are also very active with the Copa Libertadores and other local tournaments in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina.


Not surprisingly, a strong football betting scene has developed that caters directly to the legions of football fans. Bookmakers have taken advantage of the rules of the sport to create numerous forms of football betting, including:



  • Number of goals at the end of the match
  • Number of corner kicks
  • Red and yellow cards given to players
  • Final result based on who wins the match (away team or home team)
  • Player who scores the first goal
  • Exact result of the match


As you can see, the universe of sports betting is very wide and offers possibilities to almost anyone. Here at casinos-betting.com you can find details and detailed reports on how bookmakers work. You can also learn how they take advantage of different bonus and betting strategies.  Whether they use football betting, no deposit bonuses, free bonuses, total bets, etc., you can always find the most relevant and up-to-date information on online betting.